Sunday, October 30, 2005

This n That

well, mariah should have been finished, but guess what... its not.... and this is partly why....

yep... my psp. never leave home without it. ive been playing hot shots golf and im this close to beating it. also in the pic are pieces of mariah... she will be finished soon. my psp came with a black cover, but it was eaten by this guy, so i made one for it :).

hopefully i will be finishedwith mariah tomorrow sometime and will be able to post finished pics.

in between mariah, i have completed some wrist warmers out of some 100% acrylic and a pair of toddler sized socks. oh, how i loathe socks... i dont know why, but i hate making socks.... but that doesnt stop me. i make them once in a while. im going to have to suck it up b/c i have like 5 pairs to make before christmas...... ugh!!

im already thinking of my next project... something with intarsia or fair ilse. im looking for patterns and ideas..well... i'll leave a few pics of mariah in progress.

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