Friday, June 22, 2007

So I Went Out Of Town

... to visit some fam, and the hubby and my sis-in-law surprised me with this.

I am speechless.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The First Day of Summer...

and I had to work. I missed the 9:01pm sunset, but that's o.k!

I have been so late on posting about this, but here it goes! This is what Alisa sent me. She was my ISE4 buddy. She used the Sarcelle pattern (I have been wanting to knit this scarf fuh-eva!) . It it so squooshy and yummy! She also sent some yummy hand soap in a hand knit bag (can't wait to use it!), Candy (that didn't last long at all!) 2 types of yarn (2 balls of Lange Mohair Luxe in red and Eki Riva baby silk in mauvey/purpley color) and also 2 knitted flower pins! Thanks so much!!

I also have a pair of socks completed! O.k., so they are not a matching pair. I have already casted on for their mates and I see real "pairs" in the future!

Happy Knitting!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Who Has The Best SP10??

I DO!!!!! I have to say, I was a little, ok, a lot stumped when I opened the package that was waiting for me at my door. I looked at the return name an it said "Tina". Come to find out, it's my SP10! Thank you so much!

Well, here's what she sent.
1. Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn.(Love It!!!)
2. Chocolate Covered Cherries (MMM!!)
3. Chocolate Mints(Yum!!)
4. Chocolate covered Cookie( Can't wait to eat it!!)
5. Lantern Moon Sox Stix ( I have been wanting these FOR EVER!!!)

I had a really rough week and this sure brightened my day!!!

Thanks, again, Tina! You're the best!