Monday, October 31, 2005


well... i bet youre wondering what a smood is... its a shitty mood. and ive been in one all day. i think it has to do with the fact o was up at 5 am to go to jersey. the joys of living a truckers life.... mariah didnt get completed, but it should be done by tomorrow. im thinking about putting pockets and not making the hood. but anyway, here is what mariah looks like so far....
heres my lil buddy. Tigre (Tee- Grey). the kitty from you know where... hes so bad. i cant wait until i can get him fixed. maybe that will calm him down!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

This n That Part 2

well... here are the pics that didnt load up in the last entry. enjoy:)

This n That

well, mariah should have been finished, but guess what... its not.... and this is partly why....

yep... my psp. never leave home without it. ive been playing hot shots golf and im this close to beating it. also in the pic are pieces of mariah... she will be finished soon. my psp came with a black cover, but it was eaten by this guy, so i made one for it :).

hopefully i will be finishedwith mariah tomorrow sometime and will be able to post finished pics.

in between mariah, i have completed some wrist warmers out of some 100% acrylic and a pair of toddler sized socks. oh, how i loathe socks... i dont know why, but i hate making socks.... but that doesnt stop me. i make them once in a while. im going to have to suck it up b/c i have like 5 pairs to make before christmas...... ugh!!

im already thinking of my next project... something with intarsia or fair ilse. im looking for patterns and ideas..well... i'll leave a few pics of mariah in progress.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cablely Goodness

Mariah is coming along great. So far, the sleeves are done and the body will be started shortly. after finishing sleeve #2, i saw that i did an extra repeat... so riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Back a whole repeat. But other than that, I'm lovin this pattern. I've also decided to knit one for my sis-in-law, but with a different center panel. pics are soon to come.. i just dont feel like hooking up the cam to get them.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Another Day, Another Project

i'm casting on for mariah from i'm using paton's merino in winter white for the main color and that's pink for a border. i think it'll come out very nice. thats all the news i have for now......