Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm Jaywalkin Too

I did it. Jumped on the ban wagon and knit a pair of Jay's. I lurve them. They're soooooo comfy and warm and just Oh. So. Nice. I can't wait to start on another pair.

The next pair will be done in self striping yarn, dyed by yours truely.

Here's my Sp package. She is just too sweet!! She sent purple fabric, a set of 8 note cards (which are just too cute) candy, candles shaped like chocolates, a tape meaure (I needed a small one for a while now) and a cute little "knitting sayings" book.

Here is what Bethiee sent me. She was my Ornamental exchage giftee. The candy was eaten promptly :) Thanks so much. That was very sweet of you !

And finally, here's the yarn that I dyed. I think they came out pretty nice, for my first attempt. I hope the yarn that I am dyeing tomorrow comes out nice!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I got a surprise package in the mail on Tuesday. It was from my SP. She's great. I couldn't believe the chain of events that occured prior to me getting to her package. My day went sorta like this. As you all know, I'm in school for my CDL. I had my final road exam the following day and was really stressed. So, what better way to relieve stress than to buy yarn. I left school early b/c of the stress and headed to my LYS, which happened to be closed for inventory. I was sad. Then I thought to myself, " Self, where esle can I get my yarn fix?" AC Moore came to mind, but I didn't feel like going there. The only other place was Micheal's. So, off I went to Micheal's. I had to purchase my first SP gift anyway, so what an even better excuse to feed my stash. At Micheal's, I found the perfect gifts for my SP and decided to get something for myself too. I found some Paton's Grace in a purpley varigated shade that I lked but I didn't feel like spending $15 on 3 balls. I wanted to make a pair of socks for myself, but for $15, come on. So I continued to wander about the store and then WHAM! I came across the clearance yarns. GUESS WHAT WAS THERE?? Yup. The yarn that I wanted to get. Better yet, there were 2 balls. I didn't feel like getting the accent color then and there so I decided to wait. The orig. price was$4.99 clearance for $2.39. I got both. It was meant to be. So then I get home to my SP gift and open it up. SHE SENT ME THE ACCENT COLOR THAT I DIDN'T PICK UP!! What fate. That made my week.

Oh, I passed both exams and am an official truck driver. Go me!!

I'll post pics when I get back from SC.

Here's the yarn from my SP along with the yarn from Micheal's.