Sunday, February 19, 2006


I got a surprise package in the mail on Tuesday. It was from my SP. She's great. I couldn't believe the chain of events that occured prior to me getting to her package. My day went sorta like this. As you all know, I'm in school for my CDL. I had my final road exam the following day and was really stressed. So, what better way to relieve stress than to buy yarn. I left school early b/c of the stress and headed to my LYS, which happened to be closed for inventory. I was sad. Then I thought to myself, " Self, where esle can I get my yarn fix?" AC Moore came to mind, but I didn't feel like going there. The only other place was Micheal's. So, off I went to Micheal's. I had to purchase my first SP gift anyway, so what an even better excuse to feed my stash. At Micheal's, I found the perfect gifts for my SP and decided to get something for myself too. I found some Paton's Grace in a purpley varigated shade that I lked but I didn't feel like spending $15 on 3 balls. I wanted to make a pair of socks for myself, but for $15, come on. So I continued to wander about the store and then WHAM! I came across the clearance yarns. GUESS WHAT WAS THERE?? Yup. The yarn that I wanted to get. Better yet, there were 2 balls. I didn't feel like getting the accent color then and there so I decided to wait. The orig. price was$4.99 clearance for $2.39. I got both. It was meant to be. So then I get home to my SP gift and open it up. SHE SENT ME THE ACCENT COLOR THAT I DIDN'T PICK UP!! What fate. That made my week.

Oh, I passed both exams and am an official truck driver. Go me!!

I'll post pics when I get back from SC.

Here's the yarn from my SP along with the yarn from Micheal's.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on passing your tests!

I would say the fates were smiling down on you, to receive your accent color yarn on the very day you purchase the main color for your new socks!