Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm Jaywalkin Too

I did it. Jumped on the ban wagon and knit a pair of Jay's. I lurve them. They're soooooo comfy and warm and just Oh. So. Nice. I can't wait to start on another pair.

The next pair will be done in self striping yarn, dyed by yours truely.

Here's my Sp package. She is just too sweet!! She sent purple fabric, a set of 8 note cards (which are just too cute) candy, candles shaped like chocolates, a tape meaure (I needed a small one for a while now) and a cute little "knitting sayings" book.

Here is what Bethiee sent me. She was my Ornamental exchage giftee. The candy was eaten promptly :) Thanks so much. That was very sweet of you !

And finally, here's the yarn that I dyed. I think they came out pretty nice, for my first attempt. I hope the yarn that I am dyeing tomorrow comes out nice!!


Marie said...

Your socks are AWESOME! Where did you get the pattern? Beautiful work.

eve knits said...


That's where to find the pattern!


rachel ann said...

The socks look great!
And, the yarn you dyed came out great too!

knittydoll said...

Those socks look so warm, love 'em! And ooh home-dyed self-striping yarn sound so good! I want to attempt that one day.. sounds tricky! Good luck :)

kellz said...

dear eve,
cool socks!! i ahve been stopping by for some time now. cool blog. hopefully we can keep in touch.

stop by when time permits,

Anonymous said...

Hi Eve,

Your own hand dyed yarns are gorgeous! I wouldn't know how or where to begin. You can be proud of that talent.

I love your Jaywalker socks too. By any chance is the yarn Lion Brand's magic stripes. I knitted a pair of socks for my niece using that very same yarn because she loves green, and that was the only one with the green in it.

Thanks for visiting me recently. The little one is Dudley, a pomeranian.

Will be meeting you soon, now that the weather is improving and the days getting longer. Looking forward to it.

Take care