Sunday, April 09, 2006

Secret Pal Updates

I know it's been a while since the last post... but here's what's new! My secret pal spoilee was Lacy.

It was sooooo hard picking stuff out for her. It was great getting to know her. I really hope she liked everything.

My Secret Pal was Liz.

She did a great job of picking things that I really liked. Here's what she sent.
Hello Kitty lip gloss, Hello Kitty patch, size 1 dpns, sock yarn that she dyed herself, pattern note cards, sheep post it notes, a Hello Kitty change purse, safety pins, eucalan sample. Thanks so much Liz! She definitely made my first Secret Pal Exchange experience great. I'm signing up for SP8 now!!

I also signed up for the KR Secret Pal Exhcange. Here is what my SP sent me.
Addi Turbo's size 4, 6 stitch markers she made herself, candy( which I already that was gonna last for the pics!) a cute card, bath products (Vanilla body wash, Lavendar foot scrub and lotion) and a few other goodies.. Thanks so much!!

Last weekend, I went to a Flea Market. I was on a search for knitting needles and yarn. I bought a mason jar full of needles (sizes 1-10) in several length for a whopping 4 bucks. Then I found some dpn's for 1 buck a piece. So I got the sizes of dpns I didn't already have (3,4,5 & 6). These needles were BRAND NEW. I couldn't believe it. I'm going back there this weekend to get more!

On the knitting front, I've finished another pair of socks (the solid purple is what Liz sent me). I haven't woven in ends yet, but I'll be doing that this week.

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Lacy said...

I hope it wasn't *that* hard picking stuff for me!