Monday, August 14, 2006

What's Better Than Blogger?

For some reason, when I REALLY want to upload pics, I can't. Not because of me, but because Blogger sucks. Maybe I should try Live Journal, or something else. I dunno. If Blogger lets me, I'll post pics tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Hi, just stumbled oto your blog by going through the SP8 participants list. :)

If you're sick of Blogger I'd suggest Blogsome-

Ana said...

Isn't it funny mine works seamlessly. Maybe it's the time of day or my connection. I love blogspot, and the advantage for me is that most of my friends know of it and once they remember my username they can remember the url. If I switched to livejournal which I have tried out most people at least around here are not as familiar with as blogspot.

Blogger may not But socks Rock!

Anonymous said...

Blogger does act funny at times when it comes to posting pics, but I think it at times depends on the time of day or the file. I know one time it took me two days to post a pic, but blogger hasn't acted funny after theat. I say, give blogger another chance and see how it goes. Happy Knitting!

Rachel Ann said...

I use wordpress. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've had a few problems with blogger too, but usually I come back another day and everything works just fine.

You sure have a lot of UFO's to keep you busy. Have fun getting them all done.

I had a bit of trouble with my wrist. No knitting for almost 2 weeks.........YIKES!! It near killed me, but I did survive.

Hope you have a great week!

kellz said...

hey eve,
or maybe if you have any messenger programs on your computer, that can preven you from posting pics as well. i just found that out. i had the same problem.

Lori said...

Try LJ, I have rarely had problems with it. Hope your having a great holiday with lots of time to knit.

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone? Away on a truck run or something similar? I hope all is well with you.