Monday, October 19, 2009

Rhinbeck 09

I went to the NY State Sheep & Wool Festival over the weekend. The hubby and I had a blast!! I ended up scoring a few more skeins of yarn, lots of cheese, pasta sauce and a few other goodies!

The food at the fair was delish! Last year, I didn't get a chance to try the chicken pot pie. The line for it last year was 2 hours long!!! That is waaay too long to wait in line for food IMHO. On Sunday, I made bee line to the chicken pot pie booth and waited about 3 minutes in line for it!! The crust of the pie was soo flakey and buttery!! I'm glad i decided to have it for breakfast! LOL!

Ont the way out, we passed by the auctions where we saw the cutest cashmere goat! She was trying to eat the papers out of her handlers hands!!!

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Sandra Singh said...

Only 3 minute wait for the CPP? You scored! Love the goat shot too.