Thursday, January 12, 2006

Passing On The Habit

Well, it's been a while since the last "real" post, so here's the updates. I'm still teaching the knitting class and a friend of mine, Jenny, has been knitting now since Nov. So far, she completed a belt, 2 scarves and she started on Clapotis. She aslo knit this, which I am very proud of. That is her daughter wearing one of the scarves that she knit and her biggest F/O to date, the vest. I think she got the pattern at AC Moore. Her daughter is 5 and is in the knitting class I teach on Sundays. She can knit as well.

A few weeks ago, I taught Jenny the basics of spinning (as much as I know LOL). She really enjoyed it!

I have tons on F/O's that i havent listed. The most recent is a hat for my husband. It's all black and made from elastic sock yarn. The elastic gives it a really stretchy fit. The next is a scarf for my sister knit from Lornas Laces L&L in the colorway Flames. It has been finishes fro about a week now but I didn't want to post about it b/c she reads my blog.

The first pic was taken inside and the 2nd was taken outside. The pattern is called "Ladder Lace" and was pretty simple. It was a 2 row pattern and was very easy to memorize. She has it now and she loves it.

This is a clutch purse I knit for my husband's cousin from Puerto Rico. She came to visit over the holiday. I can't remember what yarn I used but I do know that it was held double stranded and I added a little bead and knit an I-cord and used it as the loop to create the closure. She loved it too!

I also started knitting the Jaywalker sock. I have 1 completed and haven't cast on for the 2nd sock yet. I will do that this weekend.

Another thing that I am very excited about is SP7. I don't know who my spoilee is yet but I can't wait. This is my first SP exchange and I hope I have a good experience.


Rox said...

Oh.... I'm digging the Lorna's Lace's scarf! Googling "ladder lace" as soon as I leave here!

Kristi said...

Lorna's Laces is so sexy! I'm really digging the scarf.

I feel more inclined to eat it than to wear it. ;)

Dawn said...

Oooo, what a pretty little purse! I love it.