Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow. This week has been soooo busy. He Who Drives Trucks (HWDT) and I finally got our marriage licence and are getting married this week through the court. We decided to go this way For financial reasons and basically, it was the right thing to do. I do plan on having a big wedding in about 2 years in Florida where the majority of my family lives. Also in about 2 years I will be finished with school and will deserve a break.

On the knitting front, I finished 1 ornament for the Ornamental Swap. I'm way ahead of schedule and I'm thinking about doing a few more. They are so small and easy to make. I also finished a pair of baby socks, which are sooooooooooo cute, and casted on for another pair. I am so far ahead on my christas gift list its not even funny. I might even have enough time to make a pair of gloves for myself in the black/brown alpaca I have in my stash :)

As for the knitting class, it was a success. I taught 3 girls, ages 5,7,10 how to knit. The project as a headband knit in Sugars & Cream cotton yarn. They casted on 10 sts and we went from there. Since I don't wear headbands, I made mine into a belt. I used the long tail method of casting on because its the easiest for beginners.They got the basics of it but after about 45 minutes, the wanted to color.

After teaching the 3 girls how to knit the parents asked me to teach them. I have to admit, teaching adults is way easier than teaching children. The 2 adults (one was a father) picked it up very quickly. The mother of the 5yr old picked up knitting and already finished her project, which started off as aheadband and ended up as a belt for her daughter.

The next thing i want to learn how to do is spin. I purchased a spinning kit off of ebay and it should be here tomorrow. I cant wait!! I'm so excited!! Does anyone have any tips on spinning?

Pics will be posted later.. the batteries are dead... ugh!!

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