Monday, March 05, 2007

Project Spectrum 2.0

Yup! I've already started on 3 different projects with the PS colors. The first is Trellis. I started last night and I have already completed the fronts and back. Only 2 sleeves left to go! I should be finished tomorrow and block it (hopefully).

I was is the PS swap on swap-bot and this is what Niffer sent. Thank you so much!! I've already started knitting with it! I will definitely be in the next color swap!

Yes.. I started another pair of Jaywalkers! I just love the pattern and it goes wonderfully with striping yarn.

The third PS project that I started was the Peace Shawl from Fiber Trends. I say was because I started it and got to about 198 sts OTN and decided it looked a little small. So, I go back to read the suggested needle size and its a sz 5 US. I was knitting on sz 4's! Oh well! It only took me 2 days of knitting to get that far and it was a very fun knit! I didn't bother taking a pic b/c it looks like a light grey blob.

Thats all for now!! Happy Knitting!


msfortuknit said...

tear it up mama!

rachel ann said...

Nice PS projects! Can't wait to see your finished Trellis!

del said...

The Trellis yarn is beautiful, can't wait to see that finished. And yummy sock yarn :-)

eve knits said...

thanks del and rachel!

Divineladi said...

I love the color of Trellis. That is a beautiful yarn you're knitting with! Looks like you got some really nice yarn for some brand new projects. I love your photography! Happy Knitting!

eve knits said...

thanks so much! i'm learning how to use more functions on my carmera. more fun pictures are on the way!